Magic Dragon – He Puffs By The Sea (2022)

Are you looking to get fuzzed up today? If so, let Magic Dragon, a solo artist from the UK, do the honors with this tripped out instrumental debut album. You can really get that classic feel from both the music and the recordings tone. These six tracks are like sweet blasts from the past ofContinue reading “Magic Dragon – He Puffs By The Sea (2022)”

Eidola – The Architect (2021)

I can’t believe I let this album slip by for as long as I did. The Architect shows that they are both growing and getting more comfortable in their own sound. Personally I think Eidola is one of the more innovative and refreshing acts to hit post-hardcore. You already know when you get a newContinue reading “Eidola – The Architect (2021)”

Flitcraft – Our Long Journey to the Middle (2022)

Flitcraft is here with their debut album to put all the highlights of hard rock on full display. The vocals weren’t my cup of tea at first and almost turned me away, but man I absolutely could not deny those tunes. Our Long Journey to the Middle unleashes some of oldest weapons available in heavyContinue reading “Flitcraft – Our Long Journey to the Middle (2022)”

Moon Machine – Moon Machine (2021)

I wasn’t expecting anything that Moon Machine threw at me here, but wow! With each track my mind was blown a little more, this was a tough one to choose my favorite for. Moon Machines debut self-titled album blends multiple different genres, making it truly standout as something different from what is usually expected fromContinue reading “Moon Machine – Moon Machine (2021)”

The Kundalini Genie – You Are The Resurrection (2018)

Hold tightly onto your heads! You Are The Resurrection is the incredible results from a hard working solo effort, taking all the strong points of rock and roll and swirling them together with hazy psych and classical Indian influences. There’s so much to uncover from the multiple layers to each track that I’m looking forwardContinue reading “The Kundalini Genie – You Are The Resurrection (2018)”

Laden – Restless Apparition (2018)

There is never a wrong time to find a new incredible solo artist. Laden takes a tried and true straightforward approach to post-metal and is met with resounding results. I was helpless to escape the constant bombardment of heavy distorted riffs, stinging solos, and crashing drum beats. Although I would willingly choose to stick aroundContinue reading “Laden – Restless Apparition (2018)”

Elyvilon – Nimueh’s Gift (2022)

Wow! If Elyvilon has taught me anything with Nimueh’s Gift, it’s that I should be tuning into more medieval ambient music. These medieval styled instrumentals matched with synth lines are not only beautifully being put on display, but also do a great deal storytelling and mystifying. So much heart and soul can be felt withinContinue reading “Elyvilon – Nimueh’s Gift (2022)”

Frozen Planet….1969 – Not From 1969 (2022)

I could not have stumbled upon a more spectacular album today, Not From 1969 has all the fixings for the complete package. This is psych rock for the soul! Forty-five straight minutes of unparalleled grooves, mystifying riffs, and jazzy drum beats that are all but guaranteed to captivate anyone that comes into contact with them.Continue reading “Frozen Planet….1969 – Not From 1969 (2022)”

Jhufus – The Call Of The Monolith (2022)

Ah yes, I’m always happy to listen to a new release from Jhufus. These guys have easily become one of my favorite instrumental physch-rock bands and with this new release, The Call Of The Monolith, they add another solid log to stoke the flames of the already raging fire that is their catalog. Jhufus hasContinue reading “Jhufus – The Call Of The Monolith (2022)”