Screaming Bones – With Yourself (2021)

Another spectacular instrumental album on the menu for us today. This time by Screaming Bones, who use a stranger more psychedelic approach when creating their rock, but without losing any of the drive or emotional weight. These fuzzy stoner jams seem to drift off endlessly into all available open space and if you’re not careful they will take you with them. With Yourself is rifftastic, capturing multiple different moods with its varying levels of pumped up driving beats and dreamy slow dancing ballads. You can throw this on at almost anytime of the day and you’ll find that its a great match for nearly every activity.
Favorite track: Summer Chill

Molecules To Minds – Species of Amnesia (2021)

Man, do you feel that? Species of Amnesia may only be four tracks, but don’t let that fool you. These tracks are grandiose in both scale and purpose. Every single second is overflowing with beautiful crescendoing post-rock straight from the hearts of Molecules To Minds. Species of Amnesia swept me completely off my feet, I can’t say enough good things about it. I just know that I need more.
Favorite track: The View From Nowhere

Dog Chasing Sun – Fire Walks With Me (2020)

Man, what a strong start to the new year! Dog Chasing Sun is a one man machine from Russia that manufactures potent stoner-doom tunes. With every track, I felt myself became both more impressed and enveloped in the atmosphere that’s captured within Fire Walks With Me. This is definitely an artist I’d recommend to any post rock enthusiast. In fact, I’d say it’s stoner-doom at some of it’s finest that everyone might be missing out on.
Favorite track: Roadburn

Losgann – Lakespell (2021)

No matter what you have planned for the last day of the year, you won’t regret giving yourself a nice break and taking it easy with Losgann. Self labeled as dark-ambient, dungeon-synth and man is that the truth. The combination of the organ and use of chorale harmonies really sets up that darker tone and transports the listener directly into their own small dank chamber. Light on the ears, but heavy on the heart in the best ways. Lakespell is one soothing potion I will be taking again and again.
Favorite track: Track 6

Eyes Set To Kill – DAMNA (2021)

A fresh EP from Eyes Set To Kill was quite a surprise for me to run across this morning. It’s been some time and they have had some line-up changes since the last time I was rocking out to Eyes Set To Kill. Alexia’s vocals are just as beautiful and emotionally driven as ever. Even though DAMNA doesn’t have the punch of their older material due to changing their style a bit and nearly dropping the unclean vocals all together, there is still plenty of core elements of an Eyes Set To Kill album present here.
Favorite track: Sink Your Teeth

Valle Galgo – Despertar (2019)

Here we go with a hot start to the day with some solid stoner rock, all the way from Argentina. Valle Galgo knock it way out of the park with this debut EP, Despertar. It really only took a moment for that opening track to have me completely mesmerized. There is something about Valle Galgo’s stoner-rock that you don’t normally find from other groups that I’m absolutely loving. You will find endless enjoyment from their combination of running smooth grooves, deep chugs, visceral growls, and rich vocals.
Favorite track: Valle Galgo

The Spacelords – Water Planet (2017)

The Spacelords have landed and they want to spread psyched out post rock with the whole world. Water Planet is a perfect example of the heights atmospheric space rock can take you to. Highlighted across these three long tracks are low humming bass grooves, easy going drum beats, and beyond spacey riffage that yearn for their life in the stars once again. Even while equipped with nothing except their spacey grooves, The Spacelords will still manage to sway the listener into choosing the Water Planet as their next vacation destination.
Favorite track: Nag Kanya

Black Sky Giant – Planet Terror

Black Sky Giant shows us yet again that they know exactly how to meld heavy space rock and post rock nicely. Atmospheric guitar riffs, out of this world solos, and a rolling drum and bass section are only expanded upon from each previous track, making Planet Terror one truly exciting adventure from start to finish. Be careful not to get sucked into the gravity pull of Planet Terrors heavy jams, most people haven’t returned to tell the tale.
Favorite track: Yithian Time Travelers

Archipelago Swell – Archipelago Swell (2016)

Ah yeah, what a solid debut EP! This had everything I was looking for today in a tight little package. Kick back and let Archipelago Swell be the only chaos in your life for a moment. These four reach great heights and are all extremely gripping in their own ways. I am simply in love with that bass line from “The Overview Effect” and quite honestly will probably be starting the whole album over just to hear it again. I can easily groove to this for hours.
Favorite track: The Overview Effect

Cardinal Black – Cardinal Black (2021)

Well Cardinal Black certainly wasn’t the style I was looking for today, but they managed to put on such a touching performance of this self-titled EP that I couldn’t seem to stop listening. Four emotionally driven blues rock tracks that have slick solos, smooth grooves, and rich bluesy vocals all nestled warmly together for one truly pleasant gift to your ears. This EP is short yet very sweet making it all that much easier to sprinkle into today or any other day that could use a little blues added to it. I am looking forward to diving deeper and singing along with Black Cardinal on all my follow up listens.
Favorite track: Warm Love