Bonehawk – Iron Mountain (2020)

Over the course of these nine tracks Bonehawk express their admiration for 70’s hard rock and the 90’s grunge movement. With beats and riffs best described as contagious every song had me dancing harder than the previous one. Be careful with this one or you just might need a neck brace.
Favorite track: Wildfire

Satorinaut – Exclusive All Inclusive (2020)

Exclusive All Inclusive by Satorinaut is a 50 minute jam session that will rock your socks off. Catch a wave on the wah wahs or soar ever higher with their shredding solos and riffs. Keep your mind limber as you soak all of this one in.
Favorite track: Medieval Gran Turismo

Alber Jupiter – We are Just Floating in Space (2019)

We are Just Floating in Space is an impressive debut from a two-piece. The two play off eachothers strengths constantly showing their willingness to allow the other to take lead of the song. Energetic and punchy basslines with expansive layered guitar riffs are on full display. I’m going to use this one in the background while i tackle the ol’ to do list.
Favorite track: Uber en Colère

Wobbler – From Silence to Somewhere (2017)

Honestly there isn’t enough good things to say about this album. You can hear all the effort that was put into every masterfully crafted track. These guys embody everything i love about 70’s prog. rock: the low track count, track length, vocal styling, and the layering of intricate instrumentation show that they know exactly what they are doing.
Favorite track: From Silence to Somewhere

Rostro Del Sol – Rostro Del Sol (2021)

Rostro Del Sol with their self titled debut album deliver a jaw dropping space rock and jazz fusion experience. Each track alters between beautiful melodies and intense solos within themselves keeping you in a constant state of wonder. This album is a definite contender for album of the year, i know I’ll be reveling in this one for years to come.
Favorite track: Effect of Creation